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Revised on March 18th, 2019


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(in inverse chronological order; underlined – people gathered along the project #OI171020; bolded – presenter of the invited talk; articles in green are published within the top 10% journals of the WoS field; if2 – impact factor for 2 years and if5 – five years; “stari” – classification under Act from 2008, “novi” – classification under Act from SG 24/2016 & 21/2017)






Papers and Letters (Refereed)


P17. K Isaković, V Petrović and H Delibašić,

“Theoretical Study of the Electron Correlation and Excitation Effects on Energy Distribution in Photon Impact Ionization”,

Revista Mexicana de Física, 65 (2019) [accepted]

ISSN: 0035-001X

(M23 = 3 if2=0.595 for 2017 PM_67/78; if5=0.473 for 2017 PM_71/78)


P16. K Isaković, V Petrović and H Delibašić,

“The contribution of the atomic excitation and recollision during tunneling ionization on the transition rate”,

JETP, 155(2-3), (2019) [accepted].

ISSN: 1063-7761

(M22 = 5 if2=1.255 for 2017 PM_46/78; if5=1.063 for 2017 PM_48/78)

Исакович К., Петрович В., Делибашич Х.,

Влияние эффектов возбуждения атома и повторного столкновения в ходе туннельной ионизации на вероятность перехода

ZhETF, 155(2), 195-203 (2019) [Received: April 24, 2018, ID:19014].

DOI: 10.1134/S0044451019020019

ISSN: 0044-4510 Zurnal Eksperimental'noj i Teoreticeskoj Fiziki


P13. Ivan D. Petrović, Violeta M. Petrović and Tatjana B. Miladinović,

“Theoretical and Expert System Study of the Photoionization Theories”,

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section A: Physical Sciences (2018) [9pp] (on-line 30 July 2018),

DOI: 10.1007/s40010-018-0500-z

ISSN : 0369-8203

Acknowledgments: grant – MESTD RS #OI 171020.

(M23=3 if2=0.754 for 2017 MS_46/64; if5=0.623 for 2017 MS_48/64)



P04. T.P. Grozdanov and E.A. Solov'ev,

“Classical representation for hydrogen atom in s-states”,

Quantum Stud.: Math. Found. (2019). [9pp] (on-line 12 Jan 2019)

doi: 10.1007/s40509-019-00180-y

ISSN: 2196-5609

Acknowledgements: grant – MESTD RS #OI 171020 and Serbia-JINR collaboration program.


P03. Jelena B. Maljković, Jelena Vuković, Károly Tökési, Branko Predojević, and Bratislav P. Marinković,

“Elastic electron scattering cross sections for triethyl phosphate molecule at intermediate electron energies from 50 to 250 eV”,

Eur. Phys. J.D 73, 27 (2019). [5pp] (on-line 5 Feb 2019)

Part of the topical issue: Many Particle Spectroscopy of Atoms, Molecules, Clusters and Surfaces

DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2019-90631-1

ISSN: 1434-6060

Acknowledgements: grant – MESTD RS #OI 171020; BPM acknowledges the grant of VAMDC consortium under open call 2016-1, project funded under the “Combination of Collaborative Projects and Coordination and Support Actions” Funding Scheme of The Seventh Framework Program. One of us KT was also supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NKFIH) Grant KH126886, and by the European COST Action CA15107 (MultiComp).

(M23=3; if2=1.288 for 2016 O_62/92, PAMC_27/35; if2=1.393 for 2017 O_58/94, PAMC_28/37;  if5=1.152 for 2016 O_60/92, PAMC_28/35; if5=1.196 for 2017 O_61/94, PAMC_29/37)


P02. Bratislav P. Marinković, Vladimir A. Srećković, Veljko Vujčić, Stefan Ivanović, Nebojša Uskoković, Milutin Nešić, Ljubinko M. Ignjatović, Darko Jevremović, Milan S. Dimitrijević and Nigel J. Mason,

“BEAMDB and MOLD—Databases at the Serbian Virtual Observatory for Collisional and Radiative Processes”,

Atoms, 7(1), 11 (2019) [14pp].

doi: 10.3390/atoms7010011

This article belongs to the Special Issue SPIG2018.

ISSN: 2218-2004

Acknowledgements: grant – MESTD RS #OI 171020.

(stari: M31=3)

(novi: M31=3,5 – journal at KOBSON list)


P01. Maja S. Rabasovic, Mihailo D. Rabasovic, Bratislav P. Marinkovic and Dragutin Sevic,

“Laser-Induced Plasma Measurements Using Nd:YAG Laser and Streak Camera: Timing Considerations”,

Atoms, 7(1), 6 (2019) [12pp].

doi: 10.3390/atoms7010006

This article belongs to the Special Issue SPIG2018.

ISSN: 2218-2004

Acknowledgements: grant – MESTD RS #OI 171020.

(stari: M31=3)

(novi: M31=3,5 – journal at KOBSON list)




Invited Talks at International Conferences and Meetings




Invited Talks at National Conferences



Contributed Papers and Abstracts at International Conferences




Contributed Papers and Abstracts at National Conferences


CN01. D. Sevic, M.S. Rabasovic, J. Krizan, S. Savic-Sevic, M.D. Rabasovic, B. P. Marinkovic, and M. G. Nikolic,

“Effects of temperature on luminescent properties of Gd2O3:Er,Yb nanophosphor”

Proc. 12th Photonics Workshop, Kopaonik, 11-14 March 2019, Book of Abstracts, Eds. D. Lukić, M. Lekic, D Grujic (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Belgrade, 2018) Oral presentation, p.20.

Konferencija Dvanaesta radionica fotonike (2019), Kopaonik 11-14.03.2019, Zbornik apstrakataUrednici: D. Lukić, . Lekic, D Grujic (Institut za fiziku Beograd, 2019) Usmeno izlaganje, str.43.

ISBN: 978-86-82441-49-6









Other publications















SEMINARS in 2019:


01.03.2019. Bratislav Marinković, IPB

“Update of the BEAMDB database presented in the topical SPIG issue”

Group meeting of LCAP, IPB


18.01.2019. Tasko Grozdanov, IPB

Classical representation for hydrogen atom in s-states”,

Group meeting of LCAP, IPB







Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Serbia, #OI 171020 (2011 – 2019):

Physics of collisions and photo processes in atomic, (bio)molecular and nanosized systems

Физика судара и фотопроцеса у атомским, (био)молекулским и нанодимензионим системима

principal investigator: B. P. Marinković (IPB)



COST Projects:


CA17126 “Towards understanding and modelling intense electronic excitation” Start of Action 12/09/2018, End of Action 11/09/2022.

(P=5) Management Committee members from Serbia: Dr. Violeta Petrović (UKg) and Dr. A. Bunjac (IPB).

(P=2) participants: Nenad Simonović, Duška Popović, B. P. Marinković (IPB).





Republic of Serbia – Austria, 2018 – 2019: #451-03-02141/2017-09/02

“Causality in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Gravity”

Каузалност у квантној механици и квантној гравитацији

(P=2) principal investigators: Marko Vojinović (IPB) and Časlav Brukner    Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften;     Institut für Quantenoptik und Quanteninformation

(P=1) participants: Duška Popović (IPB)


Republic of Serbia-JINR Russia collaboration program

“Theory of Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions”

(P=1) participants: T. Grozdanov (IPB), N. Simonović (IPB).

History and current cooperation of Serbia with JINR laboratories




National INNOVATION Projects:
















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