Research Projects in AMO Physics

2002 - 2005

There are several research projects ongoing in the field of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. These projects are financed by Ministry of Science, Technologies and Development of Republic of Serbia for the period from 1st January 2002 till 31st December 2004 extended to the end of 2005. These are:

  1. Dynamics of atomic systems and their interaction with EM radiation - principal investigator: Dr. Tasko Grozdanov
  2. Experimental investigation of laser and electron interactions with atoms, metal vapours and moleculs
    - principal investigator: Dr. Bratislav Marinkovic
  3. Precize laser spectroscopy with the applications on optical traps, interferometry and optical metrology
    - principal investigator: Dr. Branislav Jelenkovic
  4. Low energy electron molecule interactions: Formation of negativeions of complex organic compounds - detection and removal of dangerous gaseous atmospheric pollutants - principal investigator: Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Stamatovic
  5. Physics of surfaces and thin films - principal investigator: Dr. Zlatko Rakocevic