Prof. Dr. Milan Kurepa

Prof. Dr. Milan Kurepa (1933 - 2000)
Professor of Physics, Corresponding Member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Research: Atomic and Molecular Physics, Electron Ionization Collisions, Vacuum Technology.

  • Obituary in Physics Today, August 2001 by Petar Grujic and Leposava Vuskovic doi: 10.1063/1.1404858
  • "Lives and Works of the Serbian Scientists", Book 13, SASA, 2012 pp.635-665 by Leposava Vuskovic and Danica Cvejanovic (p.663 of pdf)
  • Pre-print of the above text by Leposava Vuskovic and Danica Cvejanovic
  • Jovica Trkulja, "Usud otpora", Akademska misao, Beograd, 2002. ISBN:86-7546-005-8
  • Member of the Serbian Scientific Society

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