Bilateral Science and Technological Cooperation:

SerbiaSlovak Republic, 2010 – 2011




PROJECT TITLE: " Excitation and fragmentation of small biomolecules "



Prof. Dr. Štefan Matejčík, DrSc.

Department of Experimental Physics, Comenius University Bratislava, (CUB),

PARTICIPANTS: Dr. Peter Papp, Dr. Juraj Orszagh, Jaroslav Kočišek



Dr. Aleksandar Milosavljević,

Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade (IPB), Pregrevica 118, 11080 Zemun,


PARTICIPANTS: Dr. Bratislav Marinković, Dr. Dragutin Šević, Jelena Maljković, Maja Rabasović



Project description


We will combine existing complementary experimental techniques, as well as quantum chemistry calculations, in order to perform the research on electron and photon induced excitation and fragmentation of small biologically important molecules. Work programme on project is divided in three tasks:

1.       Obtaining a set of reference data on low (medium)-energy electron interaction with variety of molecules which are functionally or structurally important parts of complex biological systems (DNA, proteins)

2.       Experimental investigation of electron and photon induced fluorescence, both for the gaseous (in-vacuum) and solvated molecular targets. Further development, improvement and application of new experimental systems for Electron Induced Fluorescence (EIF) at CUB and Time Resolved Laser Induced Fluorescence (TR-LIF) at IPB

3.       Development of new experimental systems and methods for research on electron/molecular interaction and electron induced fluorescence. Particularly, the focus will be put on electron trace simulations applied to design new electron/ion optics elements.