National Research Project no.141032: Low-temperature plasmas and gas discharges: radiative properties and interaction with surfacees


Institution: Institute of Physics Zemun
Contractor: Ministry of
Science, Serbia. contract no:141032
Contract type: National Research Project
Status: New
Begin: 01.01.2006. End: 31.12.2010.
Leadership: Acad Nikola Konjević
Planned activities will be carried out in several directions, most of them primarely related to the application of spectral line shapes and shifts for determination of the fundamental plasma and gas discharge parameters: electron density and temperatures. Of the particular interest in this project are: a. Diagnostics of extreme electron densities in low-tepeature plasma, b. determination of temperatures of hydrogen atoms and ions in relation to the anomalous Doppler broadening of spectral lines in gas discharges, c. Study of laser produced plasma interaction with metalic and non-metalic surfaces and d. interaction of fast ions and neutrals with cathode in gas discharges.
Furthermore, by using a glow discharge as a tool for thin film deposition, the coatings obtained in simultaneous chemical vapor deposition of amorphous hydrogenated carbon, and magnetron sputtering of noble metals of group 1B will be analyzed and the role of metallic nanoclusters studied.
For the planned experimental studies following plasma and discharge sources will be used: high and low-current, low-pressure pulsed discharges, atmospheric pressure arc discharges, laser produced plasmas, microwave induced plasmas, magnetron and hollow cathode gas discharges.

Dr. Sonja Jovićević
Associate Research Professor

Dr. Milivoje Ivković
Assistant Research Professor

BSc Ivan Koralt
Research Associate Assistant

Dr. Ivan Videnović

MSc Nikola Šišović