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Centre 3

Welcome to the home page of the Centre 3, a department of the Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade. The research activities of the Centre cover a wide range of topics in experimental and theoretical physics: elementary processes in atomic systems, collisions of low energy electrons with atoms and molecules, elementary processes on surfaces, lasers and laser interactions, plasma spectroscopy, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, time resolved laser induced fluorescence, metrology, quantum information. The Centre 3 consists of the following research laboratories/groups:

The Laboratory for Atomic Collision Processes
The Atomic and Molecular Theory Group
The Laboratory for Plasma Spectroscopy and Lasers

Head: Dr. Bratislav P. Marinkovic

X-ray Interaction with Biomolecules in Gas Phase (XiBiGP) Workshop 29th SPIG 2018
Colloquium in honor of V. Bocvarski October 13-14th 2017, Memorial workshop and book presentation: MORPHOLOGIE DE LA PHYSIQUE (Editions Edilivre, 2015).
COST Action XLIC WG2 2015 Expert Meeting on Biomolecules
27th SPIG 2014 27th Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases (SPIG 2014), August 26 -29, 2014

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