RESULTS in 2020

Revised on February 18th, 2020


RESULTS in 2020. 1


Monographs. 1

Papers and Letters (Refereed) 1

Invited Talks at International Conferences and Meetings. 4

Invited Talks at National Conferences. 5

Contributed Papers and Abstracts at International Conferences. 5

Contributed Papers and Abstracts at National Conferences. 7


Other publications. 8

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(in inverse chronological order; underlined – people within Laboratory for Atomic Collision Processes; bolded – presenter of the invited talk; articles in green are published within the top 10% journals of the WoS field; if2 – impact factor for 2 years and if5 – five years)






Papers and Letters (Refereed)


P4. R. P. McEachran, B. P. Marinković, G. García, R. D. White, P. W. Stokes, D. B. Jones, and M. J. Brunger,

“Integral Cross Sections for Electron–Zinc Scattering over a Broad Energy Range (0.01–5000 eV)”

J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 49, 013102 (2020) [7pp]

doi: 10.1063/1.5135573

ISSN: 0047-2689

Acknowledgements: grant – MESTD RS #OI 171020;

(M21=8 if2=4.684 for 2018 CM_41/172, CP_40/148, PM_10/82; if5=4.208 for 2018 CM_49/172, CP_42/148, PM_10/82)


P3. D. Jevremović, V.A. Srećković, B.P.Marinković and V.Vujčić,

“Databases for collisional and radiative processes in small molecules needed for spectroscopy use in astrophysics”,

Contrib. Astron. Obs. Skalnaté Pleso 50(1), 44 – 54, (2020).

Astronomical Institute Slovak Academy of Sciences, Proceedings of the Conference, XII Serbian Conference on Spectral Line Shapes in Astrophysics, June 3 - 7, 2019, Vrdnik, Serbia

ISSN: 1335-1842

Acknowledgements: grants – MESTD RS #OI 171020; OI176002, III44002. Part of this work has been supported by the VAMDC and the SUP@VAMDC projects funded under the Combination of Collaborative Projects and Coordination and Support Actions Funding Scheme of The Seventh Framework Program.

(M23-3 if2=0.833 for 2018 A&A_59/69; if5=0.541 for 2018 A&A_61/69)


P2. J. J. Jureta, B. P. Marinković, and L. Avaldi,

“The Auger spectra in argon induced by electron impact – new measurements with high resolution”,

Eur. Phys. J.D 74(1), 12 (2020). [12pp]

Part of the topical issue: Low-Energy Positron and Positronium Physics and Electron-Molecule Collisions and Swarms (POSMOL 2019)

doi: 10.1140/epjd/e2019-100541-5

ISSN: 0368-2048

Acknowledgements: grant – MESTD RS #OI 171020; bilateral Italy-Serbia project of particular relevance (Grande Rilevanza) “Nanoscale insights in radiation damage”; COST ActionCM1204 “XUV/X-ray light and fast ions for ultrafast chemistry (XLIC)”.

(M23=3; if2=1.393 for 2017 O_58/94, PAMC_28/37; if2=1.331 for 2018 O_66/95, PAMC_30/36;  if5=1.196 for 2017 O_61/94, PAMC_29/37; if5=1.223 for 2018 O_65/95, PAMC_29/36)


P1. Dragutin Sevic, Maja S Rabasovic, Janez Krizan, S Savic-Sevic, Marko G Nikolic, Bratislav P Marinkovic and Mihailo D Rabasovic,

“YVO4:Eu3+ nanopowders: multi-mode temperature sensing technique”,

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 53, 015106 (2020) [10pp, online 1st Oct. 2019]

DOI: 10.1088/1361-6463/ab499f

ISSN: 0022-3727

Acknowledgements: grant – MESTD RS #OI 171020.

(M21=8 if2=2.588 for 2016 PA_44/148; if2=2.373 for 2017 PA_54/146; if2=2.829 for 2018 PA_44/148; if5=2.747 for 2016 PA_38/148; if5=2.707 for 2017 PA_39/146; if5=2.868 for 2018 PA_43/148)

[CiteScore=2.75 for 2018 PA(A&U)_9/40 (78th), MS(SCF)_25/115 (78th), PA(CMA)_90/397 (77th), MS(EOMM)_54/225 (76th); SJR=0.805 for 2018; SNIP=1.044 for 2018]

{PA(A&U) = Physics and Astronomy (Acoustics and Ultrasonics), MS(SCF) = Materials Science (Surfaces, Coatings and Films), PA(CMP) = Physics and Astronomy (Condensed Matter Physics), MS(EOMM) = Materials Science (Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials)}




Invited Talks at International Conferences and Meetings




Invited Talks at National Conferences



Contributed Papers and Abstracts at International Conferences



CI02. Violeta Petrović, Konstantinos Kaleris, Hristina Delibašić, Vasilis Dimitriou, Michael Tatarakis and Nektarios A. Papadogiannis,

“Analytical and numerical analysis of the plasma evolution in air generated by nanosecond laser pulses”,

Proc. COST Action CA17126 “Towards understanding and modelling intense electronic excitation”, 16-17 Feb. 2020, Warsaw, Poland.


CI01. Violeta Petrović, Carlos Molpeceres, Sara Lauzurica, and Hristina Delibašić,

“Modelling of Laser Induce Optical Breakdown in Skin”,

Proc. COST Action CA17126 “Towards understanding and modelling intense electronic excitation”, 16-17 Feb. 2020, Warsaw, Poland.



Contributed Papers and Abstracts at National Conferences


CN01. D. Šević, M.S. Rabasović, J. Križan, S. Savić-Šević, M.D. Rabasović, M. G. Nikolić and B. P. Marinković,

“Machine learning for laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy”,

Proc. 13th Photonics Workshop, Kopaonik, 8-12 March 2020, Book of Abstracts, Eds. D. Lukić, M. Lekic, D Grujic (Institute of Physics Belgrade, Belgrade, 2020) Oral presentation, p.?.

Konferencija Trinaesta radionica fotonike (2019), Kopaonik 8-12.03.2020, Zbornik apstrakataUrednici: D. Lukić, M. Lekic, D Grujic (Institut za fiziku Beograd, 2020) Usmeno izlaganje, str.?.

ISBN: 978-86-82441-49-6







Other publications
















SEMINARS in 2020:


14.02.2020. Jozo Jureta and Bratislav Marinkovic, IPB

Autoionizing processes in argon: High resolution electron ejected spectra - ii) Coster-Kroning”,

Group meeting of LCAP, IPB









COST Projects:


CA18222 Attosecond Chemistry” Start of Action - 25/10/2019   End of Action - 24/10/2023.

(P=5) Management Committee members from Serbia: Nenad Simonović (IPB), Violeta Petrović (UKg)

(P=2) participants: Sanja Tošić, Andrej Bunjac, B. P. Marinković (IPB); Hristina Delibašić (UKg)


CA18212 “Molecular Dynamics in the GAS phase”, Start of Action - 12/11/2019   End of Action - 11/11/2023

(P=5) Management Committee members from Serbia: Sanja Tošić (IPB).

(P=2) participants: Jelena Maljković, B. P. Marinković (IPB). Miloš Milčić, Milica Radibratović (HF).


CA18210 “Oxygen sensing a novel mean for biology and technology of fruit quality”, Start of Action - 02/10/2019   End of Action - 01/10/2023.

(P=5) Management Committee members from Serbia: Dr. Maja Rabasović (IPB).

(P=2) participants: Biljana M. Babic, Dragutin Ševic, B. P. Marinković (IPB); Katarina Šavikin, Gordana Zdunic (IJP).


CA17126 “Towards understanding and modelling intense electronic excitation” Start of Action 12/09/2018, End of Action 11/09/2022.

(P=5) Management Committee members from Serbia: Dr. Violeta Petrović (UKg) and Dr. A. Bunjac (IPB).

(P=2) participants: Nenad Simonović, Duška Popović, B. P. Marinković (IPB).





Republic of Serbia – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst-DAAD 2020-2021:

Memristors: from fabrication to IC design”

„Мемристори: од фабрикације до дизајна интегрисаних кола“

principal investigators: Dr. Nataša Samardžić (FTN, UNS) and Prof. Ronald Tetzlaff (Techn.Univ. Dresden)

(P=1) participant: Dr. Bratislav. Marinković (IPB)


Republic of Serbia-JINR Russia collaboration program

“Theory of Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions”

(P=1) participants: T. Grozdanov (IPB), N. Simonović (IPB).

History and current cooperation of Serbia with JINR laboratories




National INNOVATION Projects:
















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