1. April 2007: "2007 Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics" awarded by American Physical Society. The citation of the award is: "For her dissertation presenting a theoretical treatment of heavy quark energy loss in a strongly interacting quark gluon plasma in which the gluon radiative energy loss was solved to all orders in opacity."
  2. January 2008: "J. Robert Oppenheimer Fellowship" awarded by Los Alamos National Laboratory. The description of the award is: "Candidates must display extraordinary ability in scientific research and show clear and definite promise of becoming outstanding leaders in the research they pursue".
  3. May 2010: "Ralph E. Powe Jr. Faculty Enhancement Award" awarded by Oak Ridge Associated Universities to best young faculty in the competition of 120 universities associated with Oak Ridge National Lab.
  4. Аpril 2012: "L'Oréal-UNESCO "For women in science" award in Serbia", awarded by L'Oréal-UNESCO Partnership, with support from Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Serbia.
  5. May 2016: IPB 2016 Annual Research Prize, awarded by Institute of Physics Belgrade, U. of Belgrade, Serbia, for significant contribution to a particular field of physical sciences achieved at the Institute.
  6. December 2016: Woman with the best lifestyle 2016, awarded by Fabrika to persons "with authentic and positive attitude towards life and work".
  7. February 2017: AmCham Hero Award, awarded by AmCham Serbia for "The perseverance, excellence, and vision of Dr. Magdalena Đorđević and her project".
  8. October 2019, Member of the Young Academy of Europe.
Image APS award, 2007
Image Woman with the best lifestyle, 2016
Image "For women in science" award, 2012
Image "Person of the year" award, 2017
Image AmCham Hero award, 2017
Image Young Academy of Europe, 2019