Kinetic theory of ionized gases

Kinetic theory of charged particle transport in plasma discharges, Multi term theory for solving the Boltzmann equation, Fluid models of different order, Momentum transfer theory.

Low-temperature plasma physics

Gas discharge physics, Kinetic, fluid and hybrid modeling of non-equilibrium plasma discharges, Magnetized plasma discharges, RF plasmas, Modeling, analysis and simulation of streamer discharges, plasma bullets and plasma jets, Plasma discharges in liquids.

Swarm physics and gaseous electronics
Monte Carlo simulation and Boltzmann equation analysis of charged particle swarms in electric and magnetic fields, Determination, collection and evaluation of collisional cross sections and transport coefficients, Transport phenomena of charged particle transport in gases and soft-condensed matter, Modeling of swarm experiments and interpretation of transport data.

Planetary atmospheric physics and geophysics
Lightning discharges; Modeling and analysis of sprites, elves and blue jets, Transient gamma-ray flashes and production of antimatter, Propagation of electromagnetic waves.

Positron physics
Boltzmann equation analysis and Monte carlo simulations of positron swarms, Modeling and analysis of positron traps, Modeling of positron transport through a living tissue and biomedical applications of positrons (positron emmision tomography (PET)).

Physics of particle detectors
Modeling of gaseous particle detectors, Monte Carlo and fluid models of Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC), Physics of Time Projection Chambers (TPC).

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