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Plasma broadening and the shifting of spectral lines inplasmas generated by a low pressure arc are studied.Thetemperature dependence of Stark widths and shifts of boronisoelectronic sequence has been investigated. The influence ofdifferent ions has been estimated through the evaluation ofplasma composition data. The influence of forbidden perturbinglevels has also been included. All of these plsama measurementsare performed with a 1 m monochromator of inverse dispersion of 8.33 Angstrom/mm in the first order of the diffraction Spectralline profiles are recorded with instrumental half widths of 0.165Angstrom.

Radiative properties of rare earth plasmas in pulseddischarges induced by a Nd-YAG laser are studied. Neodymium oxideserves as a target in a helium atmosphere. The identification ofneodymium ion spectra as well as the relative intensitymeasurements of the lines are a part of this investigation.Radiation from the plasma cell has been focused and monitored by using a 0.5 m Ebert spectrograph with an inverse linear dispersion of 1.6nm/mm.

Head: Acad. Nikola Konjevic,

Members: Dr. Milivoje Ivkovic Dr. Nenad Sakan Dr. Marko Cvejic Dr. Marijana Gavrilovic Božovic Milica Vinic Biljana Stankov Milos Vlainic

Graduate Students:

Retired Members Dr. Milan Popovic , Dr. Sonja Jovicevic

Associate Members: Prof. Dr. Svetozar Popovic Dr. Violeta Lazic Prof. Dr. Milan S. Dimitrijevic Dr. Dragan Nikolic

Technical Staff: Vladimir Simjanovic, Stanko Milanovic

Previous Members: Dr. Branimir Blagojevic, Dr. Zoran Pavlovic, Dr. Ivan Koralt


National Research Project no.171014 (2011-2019): Spektroskopska dijagnostika niskotemperaturne plazme i gasnih pražnjenja: oblici spektralnih linija i interakcija sa površinama

TP37019 Elektrodinamika atmosfere u urbanim sredinama Srbije

National Research Project no.141032 (2006-2010): Low-temperature plasmas and gas discharges: radiative properties and interaction with surfacees

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