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I am primarily working on theoretical high energy and nuclear physics, in particular on quark-gluon plasma (QGP). QGP is a new form of matter, which existed immediately after the Big Bang, and is today created at extreme energy densities in CERN (LHC experiments) and Brookhaven National Laboratory (RHIC experiments). The main idea of my research is probing QGP properties with high energy partons, where our theoretical predictions are directly compared with existing and upcoming experimental data from landmark science experiments (RHIC and LHC). For this, we currently combine state-of-the-art bulk QGP simulations with high pt physics, with the goal of maximally constraining QGP parameter inference.

I am also interested in problems on boundary of theoretical physics and biology, where I have been working on understanding functioning of bacterial immune systems, including CRISPR/Cas that has revolutionarized biomedicine. Most recently, I am also working on theoretical epidemiology, specifically problems related to COVID-19 pandemics.