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Laboratory for Atomic Collision Processes

Laboratorija za fiziku atomskih sudarnih procesa


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Our research ranges from elementary processes in atomic systems to luminescence properties of nanoscale materials; from simple atoms to biomolecules with applications for medicine, radiation damage and environmental science. Collisional processes of electrons, like elastic scattering, excitation, ionization and autoionization, dissociative attachment, and others are studied. Research activities within the Laboratory for atomic collision processes are aimed at quantifying and understanding the fundamental basis for these processes. There are three main experimental set-ups currently running: UGRA, TR-LIS and OHRHA. All of these have openings for postgraduate research projects. Much experiance has been accumulated in the design of electron spectrometers, formation of electron beams, particle detection, time-resolved laser spectroscopy as well as in high vacuum technology. Researchers are collaborating with other groups on experiments with synchrotron radiation at SOLEIL and ELETTRA and atomic/molecular theoretical groups.


Head: Dr. Bratislav Marinkovic,


  • Dr. Jozo Jureta
  • Dr. Tasko Grozdanov
  • Dr. Dragutin Sevic
  • Dr. Nenad Simonovic
  • Dr. Duska Popovic
  • Dr. Branko Tomcik
  • Dr. Sanja Tosic
  • Dr. Jelena Maljkovic
  • Dr. Maja Rabasovic
  • Dr. Milos Rankovic
  • Dr. Andrej Bunjac
  • Associate Members:

  • Prof. Dr. Mira Terzic
  • Dr. Violeta Petrovic
  • Prof. Dr. Branko Predojevic
  • Students:

  • Stefan Ivanovic
  • Open positions - PhD students are welcomed!
  • Technical Staff: Miroslav Maksimovic, Borislav Glavan

    Founder of the Laboratory: † Prof. Dr. Milan Kurepa (1933-2000)

    Previous members:

  • Prof. Dr. Leposava Vuskovic
  • Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Stamatovic
  • Dr. Slobodan Cvejanovic
  • Dr. Danica Cvejanovic
  • Dr. Iztok Cadez
  • Dr. Nada Djuric
  • † Prof. Dr. Vladimir Pejcev (1948 - 2018)
  • † Prof. Dr. Valerij Bocvarski (1949 - 2016)
  • † Prof. Dr. Dusan Filipovic (1951 - 2010)
  • Prof. Dr. Dragoljub Belic
  • Dr. Lidija Andric
  • Dr. Dane Cubric
  • Dr. Djerdj Vikor
  • Dr. Momir Stepanovic
  • Dr. Aleksandar Milosavljevic
  • Dr. Predrag Kolarz
  • Dr. Radmila Panajotovic
  • Dr. Stojan Madzunkov
  • Dr. Zoran D. Pesic
  • Dr. Dragan Lukic
  • Dr. Jadranka Sekaric

  • Milan Minic, M.Sci,
  • Goran Josifov, M.Sci,
  • Previous students: Prof. Dr. Dragica (Babic) Knezevic, Slobodanka Kalezic, M.Sc., Dr. Zeljka Nikitovic, Dragana Pavlovic, Aleksandra Cuckovic

    AMO Team on December 2011

    Members of the Laboratory, December 2011.

    Jelana Maljkovic, Vladimir Pejcev, Svetlana Vucic, Sanja Tosic, Dragutin Sevic, Miroslav Maksimovic, Branko Tomcik, Stefan Djordjevic, Duska Popovic, Nenad Simonovic, Aleksandar Milosavljevic, Leposava Vuskovic, Bratislav Marinkovic, Tasko Grozdanov, Vojislav Radojevic

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    Projects and Publications


    Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development - Republic of Serbia Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development - Republic of Serbia

    *2011 - 2019 Project #OI 171020 in Experimental Physics of Atomic Collisions

    "Physics of collisions and photo processes in atomic, (bio)molecular and nanosized systems"
    Publications: 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2019

    Current areas of research activities are:

    (1) UGRA - Electron Spectrometer for Angular Distributions - is an electron spectrometer with high current electron beam gun and double mirror cylindrical analyser designed for measuring angular distribution of ionic fragments from molecular dissociation upon electron impact.

    (2) OHRHA Omicron High Resolution Hemispherical Analizer - is an high resolution electron spectrometer for collecting and analysing Auger electrons. {OHRHA Publications} .

    (3) TR-LIS Time Resolved - Laser Induced Spectroscopy

    (4) Interaction of synchrotron radiation with atoms and molecules. Radiation damage. Ultrafast chemistry.

    (5) Electron Transmission Through Nanocapillaries - Study of transmission of electrons through nanocapillarie and interaction of electrons with surfaces

    (6) Atomic and Molecular Theory

    (7) BEAMDB - Information System in Atomic Collisional Physics Research and Belgrade Electron Atom (Molecule) Data Base. It is a part of VAMDC Consortium and RADAM database portal . {BEAMDB Publications} .

    (8) Online UV-B radiation over Belgrade

    Concluded experimental set-ups:

    (1) ESMA - Electron Spectrometer for Metal Atoms - was a high resolution hemispherical electron spectrometer designed for the study of differential cross sections of elastic and inelastic scattering of intermediate energy electrons (10-100 eV) by metal atoms.

    (2) SELE - Stepwise Electron Laser Excitation - was an apparatus, which was intended for simultaneous excitation of atoms by electron beam and laser beam in order to investigate processes of electron excitation of fine-structure levels as well as the excitation of excited atoms. It utilizes an cylindrical throchoidal monocromator as a source of monoenergetic electrons.

    (3) SPEPRA - Threshold Electron Spectrometer - was a high resolution electron spectrometer for collecting threshold excitation spectra of atoms and/or molecules.

    (4) ZAGA - An apparatus for absolute measurements of ionisation cross sections of atoms and molecules by electron impact.

    (5) Detection of air ion concentration

    (6) Radon measurements - using RAD7 instrument

    Postgraduate Research Projects:

    (1) Measuring of autionization spectra utilizing electron spectrometers.

    (2) Implementation of Logical model of Information System in Atomic Collision Physics. Formation of Data base for electron-atom scattering processes and cross sections.

    (3) Design of resistively heated oven for producing molecular beam of biomolecules.

    Ministry of Science and Technological Development - Republic of Serbia

    *2006 - 2010 Project No. 141011 in Experimental Physics of Atomic Collisions

    "Electron and laser spectrometry and collisional cross sections for atoms, ions, molecules, metastables and biomolecules"
    Publications: 2006 , 2007 , 2008 , 2009 , 2010

    *2001 - 2005 Project No. 1424 in Experimental Physics of Atomic Collisions

    "Experimental investigation of laser and electron interaction with atoms, metal vapours and molecules"
    Publications: 1996-2000 , 2001 , 2002 , 2003 , 2004 , 2005

    *April 2008 - March 2009 National Technological Project No. 23024 in Applied Research in Sciences

    "Characterization of insulating nanocapillaries by electron beam"



    COST - Co-operation in Science and Technology


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